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Sagharo, Egon, Ellie, and all your favorite champions are getting ready for the next step for Skydome. With this new era of Early Access, you will be able to flex your Founders Banners, Icons, and even Skins! Become the talk of the Skydome lobby with all of that incredible Founders gear!

While Early Access approaches for everyone, Founders Access is slowly coming to a halt! This will also mean that you can invite your friends without them needing any sort of beta key or access code! With our Early Access release you can catch all your friends up on the new Erebus Invasion we are all excited to experience!

What does Early Access mean? Well, we're still in development with new features, characters, and changes being added! Some bugs or errors may get by, but we're doing our best to squash them all!

When is Early Access starting? We plan to start on August 18! For this update, we expect servers to be down for approximately 4 hours and hope to be back up with your friends, family, and you will join in on the fun of Skydome!

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