Early Access Arrives!

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Your friends, family, and everyone can now rush on in!

It's time to make more friends or foes in the arena. Regardless of having a closed beta key or not, anyone can now hop into the exciting world of Skydome!

This is just one major step in our Skydome journey to launch. Early Access means that we are still in development and are working towards giving everyone the best playing experience. The world must know of Skydome as we are working diligently with our developers on future updates along with bug fixes, balancing, and even ideas for future content!

We can't wait to show you what's in store, and even more so, what's to come in Skydome!

Find and download Skydome on our Glyph Launcher! Just install the launcher and choose the game Skydome for your installation!

Become a real champion and see you in the Skydome!

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