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If you have any questions, which you cannot find here, please contact a Sky Manager on Discord: CLICK HERE

BulletPoint_50x30.png What is an Early Access?

Early Access means that the game Skydome is still in development phase with a full roadmap. So, keep in mind that this game is going through different changes to make it great for all our players!

BulletPoint_50x30.png Will I have access to my character that I played with during the Closed/Open Beta?

No, with the Founders Early Access we have wiped all records, the progress, the characters, and their items. You will have access to the characters you have used during the Closed/Open Beta.

BulletPoint_50x30.png Will I keep my characters from the Founders Early Access?

Yes, good news! You will not lose your characters & progress from the Founders Early Access. Everything you will do stays on your account, and this also counts for your purchase in the Skydome Shop! There will be no additional server wipe!

BulletPoint_50x30.png Can I still enter the Early Access if I do not own a Founders pack?

You can! Founders head start has ended, so anyone is now able to play Skydome for free!

BulletPoint_50x30.png How can I install the game?

You can install the game via the Glyph Launcher - Click here. Install the Launcher and install the game from the selection of games in the Glyph Launcher.

BulletPoint_50x30.png I am not a Founder, can I get a Founders Pack?

With the start of Early Access, there are new Skydome Early Access Packs and Starter Packs are now available! This means the limited time Founders Pack deals are no longer available for purchase. In case you missed out, the new Early Access Packs includes Sula, Kreg, and Krub along with their respective Founder skins. We also offer a wonderful Starter Pack offering loads of goodies! Both the Early Access Pack and Starter Pack can be found on on our Glyph Store!

Early Access Pack:

  • Champion Krub
  • Champion Kreg
  • Champion Sula
  • Founder Skin Egon
  • Founder Skin Kreg
  • Founder Skin Krub
  • Founder Skin Sula
  • Founder Wall Skin

Starter Pack:

  • Champion Generic Skin Fragments (to choose your favorite skin for your beloved champion)
  • Wall Generic Skin Fragment (to choose a design of your choice)
  • 1000 Diamonds (to use on cosmetics or save for a Champion)
  • 1x Experience Boost (100%, 24 hrs)
  • 3x Common Lootbox

We wish you a skytastic time during our Early Access!

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