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Champion, we have amazing news for you! The Early Access has started for all Founders!

The Early Access for ALL players will start on August 18, 2021! Don’t miss the chance to be one of the first players to start your adventure on August 11, 2021!

The Founder Early Access will be available until August 17, 2021 Don’t worry, you won’t miss your champions for long, because after the Founder Early Access concludes the normal Early Access for all players will start!


Yaaaaaaaaay! Isn’t that exciting news?

We have also some news for all our Closed Beta players! Have you played Skydome in the Closed Beta? That’s good because we are giving you the Founder Pack “Ascended” for free. AWESOME!

This package gives you a Founder Banner & Icon and you can enter the Founder Early Access NOW!

For all players who bought the Founder Pack “Ascended”: You get the purchase refunded but still receive the contents of the pack. This means you will still get the Founder’s Early Access, the Founder Banner, the Founder Icon and your money back. You will receive an E-Mail with all information.

Now it’s time to play Skydome!

You can download it by clicking on the following link: Click here!

Install the Launcher and choose Skydome for your installation. Skydomes Early Access means that this game is still in development, some issues could occur during your play session. Skydome will get fixes and upcoming features, so please join us and help us build an amazing game and share your feedback on Discord.

If you have any questions about Founder Access, please read the following FAQ: Click me!

Join the tower defense game SKYDOME!

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