Hotfix v0.21.1.231

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Hello Champions, we are back with a bug fix patch to iron out a few issues that we have received with your reports. The patch will be applied at 10:00 AM CEST / 04:00 AM EDT and a short downtime for the patch is expected. The game will be unavailable in the meantime.

These are not all bugs and we continue fixing them. It's one of many steps and in the upcoming weeks and months we'll follow up with many more patches for you!




  • Fixed a bug that caused Adara's Passive behavior to go into the Exhausted state instantly after getting into a portal.
  • Fixed issue with Adara's Intervention that made it possible for Hulgur to be unaffected by her ability after he used the [Random Mix - Intangibility Potion] and entered the area of her Intervention.


  • The [Sky Struck] ability now informs the player about the Damage that it'll inflict on towers.


  • Fixed bug that caused Ellie to have her abilities locked out while flying.



  • Fixed bug on the Charge ability now the Stun will be applied correctly on players affected by this skill.

Underdweller Camp

  • Fixed issue that made it possible for them to attack players outside the jungle on the Convergence Map.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Hunter to spawn onto wrong positions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hunter to be affected by the portal's VFX.


  • Fixed issue on a Shadowling on the Convergence Map that didn't patrol the jungle area correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for them to be affected by the portal's VFX.

Encounter Token

  • Fixed an issue that made it possible for players to collect two tokens at the same time which led them to not be able to use Tokens after. 



  • Fixed bug that made it possible for the wizard to deactivate two towers.


  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to kill AFK players in the enemy arena. 

Loading Screen

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in players being stuck on the Loading Screen instead of being sent to the lobby after another player abandoned the match during the loading process.

Champion Selection

  • Fixed bug that changed the description of the Combat Ability from the Champions with their Movement Ability and vice versa.


  • Fixed issue that caused the pre-built towers to not appear after the player abandoned the Tutorial after playing since the beginning and then returning on the second step.

Custom Match

  • Fixed bug that made a spectator be stuck on the loading screen.


  • Adjustments were made on the ESC Section to fix the issue that resulted in the back button not working after a match ended or the player abandoned it.
  • Fixed bug that made the feedback of experience earned not appear on the Match Statistics.
  • Fixed bug that caused the account creation window to not close after the player creates his account.
  • Fixed issue with the Champion Frames during matches that were wrongly oriented.
  • Fixed bug that caused Battle Pass Item Description to be stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed issue that made the "Final Boss comes in X waves" to be overlapped by Erebus life bar.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Champion portraits to appear for the spectators on Custom Matches.
  • Fixed issue that made the back button to be misaligned in some areas.

Quality of Life



  • Now Ellie will land first then be affected by Crowd Control effects for better interaction with abilities that apply these status effects.

Known Bugs


  • If attempting to reconnect the game after the Shadowlings or Erebus Spawned the players that came back won't have the HUD for the Shadowlings nor Erebus updated to the current match values.



  • When using Ellie Q it may happen that your champion is temporarily unresponsive or gets set back to an earlier position.

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Hotfix v0.21.1.231


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