The Erebus Invasion - Patch v0.21

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Champions! It's time to show you how much the Skydome had changed!

Erebus the Shadowbringer and his Shadowlings are invading the Skydome arenas, join your team and defeat them to get the chance to send them to the enemy arena. Starting 3 minutes into the match, portals will appear in the jungle and Shadowlings will begin to invade the arena, defeat them and use their tokens to invade the enemy arena and hinder your opponents. By defeating Shadowlings you decrease the maximum life of Erebus when he spawns. 15 minutes into the match Erebus invades the battlefield with his Shadowlings, corrupting the entire Greek jungle area with its shadows. The maximum life of Erebus is based on the amount of Shadowlings defeated until its appearance.

This along with so much more comes with this patch!



New Content

New Champions

Marcus, the Protector of Athalan


Coming from a background among the nobility, Marcus abandoned all the luxury and futility of Athalan's court to serve and protect, joining the strictest and most qualified order of knights in Athalan, The Golden Wings. He quickly demonstrated his virtue and became a great Commander of the Order.


Protector of Athalan [Passive]

If Marcus' health reaches a low amount of health, Marcus receives time healing. During healing Marcus takes reduced damage.

Health for activation: 25% Cure: 10/25/40/55/70/85/100/115/130/145/160/175 Health Healing Frequency: 2 per second. Damage reduction: 10% Duration: 10 seconds Cooldown: 150 sconds

Weakening Hammer [Basic Attack]

Hitting enemies weakens them by temporarily decreasing their damage. Enemies that were newly hit by this effect cannot be hit again until the cooldown has passed.

Damage: 40/82/124/165/207/249/291/333/375/416/458/500 Damage reduction: 5%/10%/15% at 5/1/9 levels Duration of Reduction: 5s Recharge Time: 40/30/20 seconds at levels 1/5/9

Empowered Charge [Q]

Accumulate speed and damage for the next few seconds, enemies that cross your path are thrown, the next attack releases all accumulated power.

Recharge Time: 30/26/24/22/20 Initial Movement Speed Increase: 25% Movement Speed by Accumulation: 6%/12%/18%/24%/30% Skill Duration: 7 seconds every level. Maximum buildup loading time: 3 seconds. Accumulations per second: 4 Throw Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 Base Attack Damage: 120/240/360/480/600 Extra Damage per Accumulation: 10/20/30/40/50 Extra Damage per Accumulation per Character Level: 20/27/35/42/49/56/64/71/85/93/100

Hammer Impact [E]

A powerful charged attack, the longer the time spent charging, the greater the area of effect and its damage, enemies in the center are stunned, enemies in the surrounding area take extra damage.

Recharge Time: 18/16/14/12/10 Stunning Area: 2 Maximum damage area: 6 Minimum Damage per Skill Level: 100/150/200/250/300 Minimum Damage by Champion Level: 50/68/86/105/123/141/159/177/195/214/232/250 Maximum Damage per Skill Level: 200/300/400/500/600 Maximum Damage per Champion Level: 125/195/266/336/407/477/548/618/689/759/830/900 Stunning Time: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 Movement Speed Loss While Charging: 25%

Justice Must Prevail [F]

Summons a magic hammer in the enemy arena, enemies in the hammer area are slowed down until they leave the area or destroy the hammer.

Recharge Time: 55/50/45/40/35 Area: 6 at all levels Slowness per Level: 40%/50%/60%/70%/80% Hammer Duration Time: 6 Hammer Life: 400/600/800/1000/1200

You Will Not Pass [R]

With a strong impact from his hammer, Marcus deals area damage and creates an aura around him that deals damage and frightens enemies that enter it.

Recharge Time: 60/50/40 Duration: 12/8/16 Casting Damage by Skill Level: 600/700/800 Casting Damage by Character Level: 500/591/682/773/864/955/1045/1136/1227/1318/1409/1500 Damage of Fear per Skill Level: 300/400/500 Frighten Damage by Character Level: 200/245/291/336/382/427/473/518/564/609/655/700


Hammering Justice

A structure with four hammers, each hammer acts as an independent entity and hits the area in a cone ahead of impact. Targets within the area are damaged and stunned.

Damage: 1200/1500/1875 Reload Time of each Hammer: 4 Stunning Duration: 2/3/4


Default, Domenian Warlord, Fabulous Marcus, Fallen Knight, Golden Marcus, Graffiti Marcus, Lieutenant Marcus

New Gamemodes

Ranked Mode


Ranked is here offering a new competitive edge and rewards for each season of Skydome!


Ranks are divided into Five tiers, each tier has three divisions inside it.​ The tiers are in the order of: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. This is based on MMR (Matchmaking Rank) that separates divisions and tiers.

You must complete 10 placement matches to get your placement rank. Players that are 3 divisions in either direction cannot play together, so a Bronze cannot play with their Platinum or Diamond friends.

Lastly for Ranked Matches there is a leaderboard on your in-game profile that allows you to see the top 20 people of the season along with your rank.

Custom Mode


Custom Gamemodes now are here for challenging yourself or peers!


While creating a new room you can choose its name and the map that will be played.​ After the room is created the room leader can invite other players through the invite button, right now you can only invite people on your friends list.​ There is also a Spectator team available

Spectator Mode


Spectator mode has arrived for Custom Lobbies!


This specialized team is for Custom matches solely, with this view, ​spectators can click a player icon to see their perspective and follow their character. You can also use your right click on the minimap to see the other arena as they can!

New Encounters

Erebus, the Shadowbringer


Erebus brings the shadows to the Temple of Dawn, during his arrival the entire Greek jungle area is full of shadows, cross the shadows and reach Erebus and defeat him before the enemy team to control his power. Its encounter Token allows you to take control of Erebus in the enemy arena, being able to attack and fight against enemy champions. Erebus is not targeted nor can it target towers and walls.


Void Shackles: Extends shadow tentacles in several directions. Affected champions take damage and are imprisoned for a few seconds.

Blackout: Silences all nearby champions, making it impossible for them to use skills.

Umbral Spear: Throws a dark spear in a straight line, when hitting the first enemy the spear pushes it back and deals damage.

Token abilities

Spawn Darkness [Q]: Makes multiple Shadows appear around you, hunting down enemy champions.

Void Shackles [E]: Extends shadow tentacles in several directions. Affected champions take damage and are imprisoned for a few seconds.

Blackout [F]: Silences all nearby champions, making it impossible for them to use skills.

Umbral Spear [R]: Throws a dark spear in a straight line, when hitting the first enemy the spear pushes it back and deals damage.



The Shadowlings are minions of Erebus generated from their shadows that prepare the ground for their master's invasion, when defeating a Shadowling the player can use his token to invade the enemy arena and hinder the enemy team. Shadowlings are not attacked by towers nor can they attack them.


Stalk: Jumps in a straight line, stopping at the first enemy hit and dealing damage.

Token abilities

Stalk [Q]: Jumps in a straight line, stopping at the first enemy hit and dealing damage.

Possession [E]: Jumps in one direction, if you hit an enemy champion takes control of him for a short period of time, during possession you cannot attack or use the possessed champion's skills.

New Features

Battle Pass Missions


Battle Pass Missions are here! Complete your missions for quicker progression throughout your Battlepass!


Everyone now gets 3 missions weekly to help them progress throughout their battlepasses more efficiently! If you buy the premium track you unlock 3 more weekly missions per week for a total of 6 weekly missions until the end of the season!





Comet [E]

Damage per Skill Level: 180/240/300/360/420 -> 200/300/400/500/600

Damage per Champion Level: 50/95/139/184/228/273/317/362/406/451/495/540 -> 50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500 / 550/600

Black Hole [R]

Explosion Damage per Skill Level: 300/600/900 -> 600/900/1200

Explosion Damage per Champion Level: 150/209/268/327/386/445/505/564/623/682/741/800 -> 300/409/518/627/736/845/955/1.064/1.173/1.282/1.391/1.500

Black Hole tick damage: 50/64/77/91/105/118/132/145/159/173/186/200 → 100/114/127/141/155/168/182/195/209/223/236/250



Stop right there! [E]

Damage per Skill Level: 180/260/340/420/500 -> 200/300/400/500/600

Damage per Champion Level: 30/58/86/115/143/171/199/227/255/284/312/340 -> 50/82/114/145/177/209/241/273/305/336 / 368/400



Prodigy [Passive]

Defeated Enemies Goal: 20/40/80/120/180 -> 20/40/60/80/120

Final Blow [R]

Final strike can no longer push the Guardians of the Artifact or the Final Boss.

Initial Damage By Skill Level: 300/450/600 -> 400/600/800

Initial Damage by Champion Level: 150/170/191/211/232/252/273/293/314/334/355/375 -> 300 341 382 423 464 505 545 586 627 668 709 750

Final Damage by Skill Level: 400/550/700 -> 700/900/1100

Kings Will [Basic Attack]

Damage per Champion level: 25/55/84/114/143/173/202/232/261/291/320/350 → 25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300

Advanced Maneuver [Q]

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 -> 16/15/14/13/12

Upward Strike(E)

Damage by Skill Level: 200/350/500/650/800 → 200/300/400/500/600

Damage by Champion Level: 200/232/264/295/327/359/391/423/455/486/518/550 → 150/205/259/314/368/423/477/532/586/641/695/750

Knock Up Duration: 1/1,5/2/2,5/3 -> 1/1,25/1,5/1,75/2



Return to Earth [Passive]

Chance to drop flowers: 65% -> 60%

Flower heal per level: 50/82/114/145/177/209/241/273/305/336/368/400 -> 100/145/191/236/282/327/373/418/464/509/555/600

Cycle of Life [E]

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 -> 10/9/8/7/6

Spring Break [R]

Cooldown: 40/35/30 -> 35/30/25

Shield Duration: 12/14/16 -> 35/55/75

Shield Amount: 500/700/1000 -> 1000/1500/2000

Attack Speed buff: 25%/30%/35% -> 30%/50%/70%

Blooming Thorn [F]

Range: 8 -> 14

Projectile Speed: 30 -> 60



Banner of War [R]

Cooldown: 40/35/30 -> 50/45/40

Damage Increase: 20%/25%/30% -> 10%/15%/20%



Random Mix [Q]

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 -> 18/16/14/12/10



Spiked Grip [E]

You can no longer pull the Artifact Guardians or the Final Boss.



Frenzy [Passive]

Life Steal: 3%/5%/7% -> 2.5% / 5%/7%
Attack Speed per Stack: 10% -> 8%

Axe Strike [Basic Attack]

27/52/77/101/126/151/176/201/226/250/275/300 → 30/50/70/90/110/130/150/170/190/210/230/250

Soul Strike [R]

Cooldown: 40/35/30 -> 45/40/35

Cyclone [E]

Damage of the Second use per skill level: 90/130/170/210/250 -> 100/120/140/160/180

Damage of the Third use per skill level: 150/200/250/300/350 -> 120/160/200/240/280



Dual Swords [Basic Attack]

Damage Per Champion Level: 27/45/63/81/99/117/135/153/171/189/207/225 -> 30/50/70/90/110/130/150/170/190/210/230/250

Cloud of Confusion [E]

Initial Damage by Skill Level: 120/140/160/180/200 -> 150/200/250/300/350

Cloud Damage by Skill Level: 10/20/30/40/50 → 15/25/35/45/55

Cast damage per champion level: 100/123/145/168/191/214/236/259/282/305/327/350 → 100/136/173/209/245/282/318/355/391/427/464/500


Hunting Ballista


Damage: 450/675/1013 -> 400/600/900  

Star Cluster


Damage: 600/780/1014 -> 700/910/1183




Spawn Time: 220 Seconds -> 150 Seconds



Spawn Time: 480 Seconds -> 420 Seconds


Charger (Bison Token)


Maximum Health by Troop Level: 7000/9520/13300/18340/24640/32200 -> 12000/19200/30000/44400/62400/84000 



Artifact Damage: 30 -> 20



Artifact Damage: 20 -> 15



Artifact Damage: 15 -> 10

Guardian (Mace)


Maximum Health: 175,000 -> 140,000 

Guardian (Sword)


Maximum Health: 125,000 -> 100,000


Battle Pass

"The First Wave"

Champion Acquisition

The game now supports the purchasing of unowned Champions

Champion Rotation

We created the system for weekly rotation of free champions. This only affects character selection. Allowing the player to use champions which they do not own.

#Bug Fixes



Fixed the issue that made impossible for her to fly over walls built by players.


Fixed an issue that caused the tunnels from [Shield Rush] to be uncrossable.


Fixed the deactivation and weakened issue for her tower. Now those effects should apply on it correctly.


Fixed a bug where Verna's skill Smoke Bomb could affect bosses


Titan Warden

  • The preview for the ability is now updated and will show the correct range for it.
  • The camp received updates on the colliders to resolve a problem with players being stuck onto the walls after being hit by Core Burst at the Convergence Layout.
  • A problem that caused the Titan to reset with players inside the camp is now fixed!



The issue with the tunnels is now fixed! All troops able to will use and consider the Tunnels on their pathing.


Fixed a Bug where both Statue Guardians (Mid Bosses) would not play animations properly.


The issue that caused the Final Bosses to enter the tunnels when pushed into their direction is now fixed! With this resolved now the Bosses won't be capable of using the tunnels.


Fixed issue on Wizard troop so now he won't stay still when he spawns.


  • The issue that caused the side where the Final Boss spawned to not be displayed on the Wave Preview Window is now fixed! Both sides should be displaying correctly at the 21st Wave.

The spawn points for the troops were updated on these maps:

  • Ambush
  • Convergence


  • Fixed a reconnect issue that made impossible to reconnect on a match if the player is playing as Egon.
  • Fixed issue that caused the 0% to appear beside the banners on the loading screen when reconnecting.
  • Fixed issue on the match statistics that caused the towers to not be considered.

Match History

Fixed issue that displayed the previous matches as teammates on a Match's Info.

In-Game Feedback

The in game feedbacks for Hit Damage and the Construction Mode are now fixed! Players will be seeing the correct feedbacks.


Fixed issue that changed the languages displayed on the options menu.

Quality of Life


Some alerts for groups at the Game Modes window are now translated correctly for players.


  • Now the loading bar represents the percentage of all players.
  • Reaching 100% means that all players have loaded everything and are entering the match.

Known Issues


  • When starting the Tutorial from part 2 it will be missing the prebuilt structures, this does not apply if you start the tutorial over from scratch.
  • The tutorial progress stops after defeating the Titan in phase 3. This occurs rarely, the solution to this is restarting the match.
  • Tutorial progress will stop after defeating the 3 minion waves in phase 2. This only occurs if you stay inactive for 3+ minutes.

Egon Ability Lock

Extremely rarely there will be an issue with Egon that will lock abilities and attacks.

Victory Poses

The game may lock the person(s) on the victory pose screen. The current resolution to this issue is to restart your game.

Invisible Players

Other teammates or enemies may appear invisible to the person(s) effected. This is a rare occurrence.

In-game prices using incorrect symbol

Purchasing currency in game currently displays $ instead of €. Redirection from our game to our website will use the correct currency sign.

Wave progression bar on reconnect

The bar may be stuck visibly on "preparing" when reconnecting matches. This resolves itself after the ongoing phase changes.

Match Reconnection nearing the end of the match

On loading a match there is a chance that reconnecting to a late match will cause your game to lockup. The current resolution to this issue is to restart your game.

Friend Requests

If both players send a friend request at the same time the friend request will remain visible after accepting.

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