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Dear Community,

We are very excited for the next major update to Skydome, but let us talk about the current issues we are facing. First off, we want to take a chance to thank all of you for supporting Skydome!

As we are preparing for Early Access, we have experienced several technical issues that have delayed our expected release date. Whenever we believe that we are close to being able to release, another unforeseen issue shows up that requires the assistance of our entire team to help solve it.

An unfortunate side effect of all this is constantly having to move the Early Access launch. Please trust us, we would have loved to see Skydome out there already. Our highest priority is to get Skydome out as fast as possible, however, we will not release a game that has these critical problems we know about and let you, as a community, run into such difficult issues. This is not the level of quality we want to deliver nor the quality you deserve.

Additionally, there is a rumor that we are delaying the launch to stay in the “coming soon” section of Steam. While we understand where this idea is coming from, this is not the publicity that is healthy for any game, including Skydome. This is clearly not an intended behavior by us but just caused by the attempts to have the game out as early as possible.

This all being said, if it has not been heard, the Founders Early Access and Early Access of Skydome have been postponed until Summer 2021. We will keep you all updated and improve upon communications between ourselves at gamigo and you, the players, in the future. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you back in Skydome to try the new character, invasion system, and many more updates ahead!

We appreciate your support and understanding,

Your Skydome Team


Erebus invading the enemies' arena.


Erebus and Groma size comparison.

Check out our video on the Erebus Invasion here!

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