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Dear Champions of Skydome,

This is our first Open Letter since the launch of the Early Access and we want to thank you for all your feedback, suggestions, and ideas! Your valuable feedback has and will help improve the overall direction of Skydome. We wish to address some of the issues experienced so far, along with what we are doing to help you, our champions!

We have been working diligently and evaluating your feedback about issues that you find important. Some of the major issues include long queue times and the ability to acquire Champions through playing (earning Gold). The Skydome team has decided to help alleviate this situation by increasing the Gold gain over the weekend!

That's right, get increased Gold from playing matches in Skydome during the August 21st weekend!

In order to improve the matchmaking experience for all players we have decided to disable ranked queues for the time being. Although we are excited to offer a ranked mode for Skydome, we have been evaluating that game mode's effect on queues in such an early stage of Skydome. Ranked mode is only planned to be temporarily disabled for now to help players focus on either quick or training matches to play together.

A feature for bots to fill teams is also being worked on and we really appreciate the feedback. This will especially help with training matches if there happens to not be 4 players in queue at certain times. We hear you and are making changes as we go. That is the beauty of Early Access.

Thank you for discussing Skydome over socials and spreading the word about this unique concept of tower defense meets MOBA. We have also been listening to your feedback through reviews and we'd like to remind everyone again that we have a dedicated feedback channel in the official Skydome discord.

We really appreciate all your feedback! Your suggestions can have a direct influence on the game and we are excited to see what's ahead for Skydome! Be sure to use the right channels so your voice can be heard of course!

Thank you all once again for playing Skydome, Your Skydome Team

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Skydome Team Letter